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Welcome to the Asia Business Club Website


Our Missions & Goals

Our Mission Statement: "To create and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with firms in Asia, in order to assist INSEAD MBA participants to explore careers in Asia and to help them effectively prepare for the recruiting process."


Our Goals

1. Feature and explore business opportunities that are tied to sustainable development in emerging nations

2. Expand the Asia Business Club’s outreach within and outside the INSEAD community, and connect with individuals and organizations to foster relationships that help:
        a) identify, explore and evaluate existing business opportunities unique to Asia
        b) identify and create new entrepreneurial opportunities in Asia

3. Share knowledge and trends on emerging businesses, opportunities, developments, and political and cultural events tied to business in Asia

4. Highlight strategies and channels to facilitate career transition and mobility from other regions to Asian markets and countries


Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with the Asia Business Club:

  • Participate in our events. These will be advertised by posters and e-mails in advance and everyone is welcome.
  • Sign up to the Asia Business Club e-mail distribution list. This will make sure you are informed about all relevant events related to INSEAD Asia Business Club. Click here to e-mail the club if you would like to be included on the list.
  • Come to our regular meetings & social events to learn more about what we do.
  • Join the committee and help organize events and activities. We are always keen to accept new members.
  • We welcome anyone who wants to get involved in any way!